May 222016

Bogbean wild flower in Connemara, Galway, Ireland

The Bogbean is a very pretty aquatic flower which grows in lakes, ponds and canals. I photographed this plant in a small lake in the West end of Inishbofin. I was surprised to see such an exotic looking plant growing in the bog surrounded by the familiar mosses, rushes, heather and exposed rocks.

May 212016

Sea Campion Silene uniflora,  wildflower, flower, Connemara, Ireland, Galway, Britain, Irish, British,

This unusual flower grows in large clumps on the shingle shoreline at Rossadillisk, near Cleggan. The white flowers have an interesting bladder-like structure with delicate red veins. Like many seashore flowers, it has fleshy leaves to help it thrive in salty conditions.

May 202016

Sea Sandwort, Honckenya peploides Wild flower of Connemara Galway, Ireland, and Britain, Irish British

This plant forms dense green mats across the sand on many of the beaches here in Connemara. Its ability to survive on salty gravel and sand make it an important plant for stabilising our sand-dunes and protecting them from erosion. The small white flowers are not particularly impressive, but the pointed fleshy leaves form an amazing pattern when the plants are grouped together in a clump. There are some amazing photos here on the Blog of Connemara Painter, Deborah Watkins.

Sea Sandwort, Honckenya peploides Wild flower of Connemara Galway, Ireland, and Britain, Irish British

May 202016

Lousewort Pedicularis sylvatica wildflower, flower, Connemara, Ireland, Galway, Britain, Irish, British,This unusual-looking flower is easy to spot on the bogs and hillsides of Connemara. It is partially parasitic, and gets its nutrients by attaching to the roots of other plants such as heather. It is a much smaller plant than its rarer cousin, the Marsh Lousewort. It was once associated with lice in the livestock that graze the mountains, hence its rather unappealing name!


May 152016


birds_foot_trefoilThe Weather has been very bad throughout Ireland this spring, with very little plant growth, which is causing terrible fodder shortages for farmers. Yesterday I braved the gale-force winds for a walk along the coast in Rosadillisk, near Cleggan. This is one of my favourite spots for flower-spotting and there were plenty of voilets, primroses and sea pinks in bloom. Yesterday I saw my first bird’s foot trefoil of the year. This plant grows abundantly all over Connemara. Its red-tinged yellow flowers look a bit like gorse flowers, but without the prickles, thank goodness. The leaves have three segments like a shamrock, hence the name “trefoil”.

May 032016

Slender speedwellI almost passed these tiny flowers without noticing them the other day. They are some type of Speedwell, but there are so many varieties it is hard to identify them definitively. One half of each flower is white, which leads me to believe that they are Slender Speedwell, but I welcome any advice or corrections to my identification attempts.